More Linux Articles (RHCSA)…

I put a few more Linux articles live yesterday.

As before, they are targeted at the level of information needed for the RHCSA exam, so nothing really new for long time users of Linux.

I also changed the introductory article to include the exam objectives, each linking to the relevant article for that objective. I didn’t want to break things down to one article per objective, because I think there is too much crossover, so this seemed the best solution.

Writing this basic Linux stuff can be a little dull compared to writing about new Oracle features. Sometimes I feel like writing, “just read the bloody ‘man/info’ page!” 🙂 I considered giving up a couple of times, then I got a rash of simple Linux questions and it seemed like destiny when I could easily answer them by pointing to an article I was currently writing. I guess in the past I’ve been a little dismissive of these types of questions. It’s easy to forget that Linux is still very new to lots of people. I tend to think of Oracle DBAs as having a reasonable UNIX background, but there are a lot of Oracle DBA types who never venture far from Windows, so maybe this stuff is more useful than it seems at first sight.

I guess I’m about two thirds of the way through the RHCSA notes now.



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