Windows 8 Consumer Preview : Complete Abortion!

I wrote some time ago about the Windows 8 Developer Preview, which I didn’t like at all from a desktop perspective.

Today I installed the Windows 8 Consumer Preview. What a complete abortion of an operating system! I thought the developer preview was bad, but it’s like they’ve taken all the comments people made about that steaming pile of crap, given everyone the bird, then made it even worse just to spite them.

Now let’s get this straight. I’ve never used Windows 8 on a phone or on a fondle-slab. It may be awesome on those, but I’ll probably never find out. I’m talking here about a desktop machine with a keyboard and mouse.

Metro: Fail. This is not a fondle-slab, it’s a desktop. Fail. The screen looks crap. Fail. I have to sideways scroll to get to anything, or use extra mouse clicks. Fail. Have you MS guys never used a desktop? Fail. Running IE on Metro is vile. Fail. There is a big chunky address bar that animates on and off at the bottom of the screen. Fail. I despise it! Fail.

Desktop: The crippled Start menu from the Developer Preview has now completely gone. Fail. All you get is the option to switch back to the Metro screen. Fail. Looks like the hacks I used previously to resurrect the Windows 7 style menu don’t work now either. Fail. I read somewhere you can buy some 3rd party software to make it work like Windows 7. Fail.

Desktop art: I hope that crappy fish graphic is just for the Consumer Preview because it is a total fail!

Speed: Fail. This is not the finished product, so maybe there is still a bunch of tracing on, but if this is to show the consumer what they will get, then fail!

There are some WindowsKey+(letter) short cut keys to navigate a bit quicker, like:

  • Win+x : Basic Admin Tools menu.
  • Win+i : Info screen including power off button
  • Win+e : Windows Explorer
  • Win+q : All Apps Metro screen, with search bar initiated.
  • Win+f : Files

Nothing new here, but my Mom will never find this stuff. If it’s not on a basic menu it doesn’t exist! Fail.

As with the previous incarnations of Windows 8, this is a complete fail of an OS. I can see corporate users going spastic over this. There is no way I would want to support users on this OS. The interface changes between Windows XP, Vista and 7 were quite gradual. This is a complete interface overhaul for all the wrong reasons. The really depressing thing about it is it will be forced on the world because it will get bundled on every new PC. Microsoft will claim record uptake, as they always do, and everyone who isn’t a geek will have no choice but to bend over, lube up and get royally shafted by Microsoft.

I’m sure in a few years we will look back and laugh at how moronic the current OS interface designers are. Repeat after me, “this is a desktop, not a bloody iPad!”



PS. Looking forward to Windows 9.

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