Loving VirtualBox 4.2…


I’m loving VirtualBox 4.2.

I’ve been throwing some RAC, WebLogic and Cloud Control installations on it at home and it’s been coping just fine. I’m especially loving the grouping stuff. I’ve got quite a lot of VMs and scrolling down the list can get a little tiresome. Grouping them and collapsing the group is great!

So far I’ve only see one issue with the groups and I’ve not been able to repeat it. When I dragged one Windows VM (with 2 virtual disks) into a group, both virtual disks were physically moved into the new group sub-directory, but the interface “lost” one of the disks. I went into the Virtual Media Manager, deleted the reference to the “missing” disk, then added it by re-selecting the file from the file system. Everything then worked fine.

I’ve tried to repeat this by grouping and un-grouping VMs with multiple virtual disks, but I’ve not been able to repeat it. Personally I blame Microsoft. 🙂



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