Cloud Control 12cR2 : Is it really release 2?


Oracle Cloud Control 12cR2 is installed and merrily monitoring one of the test 11gR2 databases running on HP-UX. I’ll probably leave it like that until I come back from Oracle OpenWorld. I don’t want to change the entire administration and monitoring infrastructure just as I leave for a couple of weeks.

As I’m re-familiarizing myself with the 12c way of doing things, I’ve been wondering if this really is a full “Release 2” product, or just 12cR1 with Bundle Patch 2. Not surprisingly, one of my readers asked the same question, pointing out the version does not look consistent with a “Release 2” product, which would typically be

I take Oracle version numbers with a pinch of salt. I’m currently using WebLogic version 10.3.5, which is 11g WebLogic. 🙂 At least WebLogic 12c has been versioned appropriately. 🙂

So why the 12cR2 branding, when 12cR1 of the database hasn’t been released yet? My guess is this is a marketing move for one very specific reason. One of the big marketing messages around Cloud Control was its ability manage clouds and allow you to charge customers based on their resource usage. While speaking recently to a representative of a large oracle customer/partner, I found out this functionality plain didn’t work, at least not with their selection of (latest version) Oracle products.

Assuming Cloud Control 12cR2 is now actually capable of delivering on this promise, that represents quite a big change that’s probably worthy of a re-brand, even if the version number doesn’t warrant it.

Of course, this is all speculation on my part. I’m not using it for managing clouds or charging customers. I’m just a regular DBA who likes to watch the performance page every few minutes while doing my administration in SQL*Plus. 🙂



Update: See Hans’ comment about the version number. He’s quite correct that this version falls in line with a new release in the GC/CC universe.

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7 thoughts on “Cloud Control 12cR2 : Is it really release 2?”

  1. Oracle published a standard numbering convention in the Oracle DBA Manual. And in the Oracle App Server manual. Then they promptly forgot about their naming convention with anything that remotely involves a middle tier.

    With the Grid Control, they initially started with 10.1.0.x for R1, then 10.2.0.x for R2, but started calling “R3”, “R4” (even the doc deck calls 10gR5 –

    Thus this Cloud Control naming is totally consistent with [the inconsistency from] the 10g stuff.

  2. Hans: So the version is correct for 12cR2 in the Grid Control/Cloud Control universe, but does the product warrant the status of a new release, as opposed to bundle patch 2?

    Only Larry knows! 🙂



  3. +1 on Hans comment. I wish Oracle development would get their nomenclature squared away and precise without being obtuse.

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