While writing this I am singing the Skyfall theme in the style of a bad pub singer, kinda like Vic Reeves would do.

I couldn’t face queuing and all that jazz during the opening weekend of Skyfall, so I went at lunchtime today instead. I’m an old git, so Sean Connery will always be the “real” James Bond for me, but I think Daniel Craig is a very close second. I like the fact he looks like he’ll **** you up if you mess with him! The last bond that really had that presence was Connery.

Naomie Harris is hot. Javier Bardem was a freaky mother-hubbard in No Country For Old Men and he’s even more freaky here, if that is possible.

The story is OK. It’s not an amazingly novel concept, but it’s well executed and does itself justice. Most importantly, it’s actually possible to understand what the whole film was about, unlike Quantum of Solace. 🙂 Like the previous two outings, it’s a grittier and more in the style of the Bourne films. I kinda like that, but also miss some of the camp techno-whiz of the old films. Being the 50th anniversary, there are some references to the old Bond, which are kind of fun.

Overall, well worth seeing if you are into the Bond franchise. If I’m honest though, I’m much more looking forward to the remake of The Girld Who Played with Fire than I ever was for this…



PS. The last of the Twilight Saga is out soon. I can’t wait to go and see it so that I can report how much I hate it. 🙂

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  1. Ehhh.. the movie sucked ass. Didnt do any justice to bond movies. Too bad even a actor like Daniel Craig couldn’t pull this slow one

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