Nexus 4 & 7: Android 4.2.2 Updates


Android 4.2.2 dropped a couple of days ago and the updates of my Nexus4 and Nexus7 went without a problem. The reason for this post is to point out something I found amusing about my usage of the Nexus4…

I just attempted to send a text message and noticed my Nexus4 was not connected to my phone network. I don’t think it’s been connected since the update two days ago. When I noticed, I did a search for the phone network, found it and played catch up on a couple of old messages.

What I found amusing is it shows how little I actually need a phone network. I am almost continually in wifi range and most of my communication is via email, twitter and skype, so having no data connection for two days went unnoticed. I’m glad I only pay £8/month. 🙂



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4 thoughts on “Nexus 4 & 7: Android 4.2.2 Updates”

  1. No data connection for two days? How did you survive? Just kidding…BTW, what does that £8/month plan give you? Sounds quite tempting….and if you have managed to get over your initial disappointments with Nexus 4, what do you think about it now?

  2. @Narendra: For £8/month I 5000 texts, 300 minutes and unlimited data (fair use). It’s pretty sweet deal for my usage. 🙂

    The phone is great. It’s great that you always get the latest version of Android also. The design of the back panel is my only beef with the phone and a cover solves that issue. 🙂



  3. @Tim: If you don’t mind, which provider is giving you unlimited data for that price? I am, literally, not buying nexus 4 yet because I can’t find a sensible deal with unlimited data.

  4. @Narendra: I’m with T-Mobile. I had a £20 contract for 18 months. That ended and I said I wanted to leave. They dropped my payment to £8 and gave me unlimited data (fair use).

    If you already have a contract, you may well get the best deal by switching to sim-only with the same network.

    In the UK GiffGaff have very good tariffs. I was planning to move to them, but T-Mobile made me a better offer because I was an existing customer, planning to leave.



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