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I just noticed a new version of MobaXterm has been released. Not totally sure what has changed in 6.2. I can’t seem to find a changelog.

Fun, fun, fun…



Update: Fidel pointed out the obvious changelog. Shows how observant I am. 🙂

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  1. The changelog for 6.2 is as follows. I’ve got the paid for version, so the free version might have a lesser changelog:

    Version 6.2:
    – Added new advanced tabs with move, detach, pin, rename and scroll features (thanks to the great component TChromeTabs)
    – You can now launch MobaXterm sessions from a web page: this allows Sysadmins to publish shortcuts to pre-defined sessions (SSH, XDMCP, telnet, rlogin, SFTP, FTP, …) on the company intranet
    – Improved context-sensitive help by adding several tooltips, especially for SSH, RDP and X11 session settings
    – MobaXterm now remembers the last launched session and automatically selects it on startup
    – Added the “ttySxx” device name at microcom startup for easy file transfers using lrzsz
    – Reverted to the previous way of managing SSH passwords and passphrase: the popup asking for password is now only displayed if MobaXterm is started hidden, or if it is needed for the gateway SSH server
    – Added 2 new options for reconnecting or saving session after it stopped
    – Added the “balance” load balancer application
    – The “newtab” command can now take arguments in order to launch commands in the new tab
    – The SFTP browser is no longer launched when using scp, sftp or ssh with a non-interactive command
    – Added a button for importing PuTTY and SCRT sessions
    – Added a new tab menu entry for going fullscreen on the 2nd monitor
    – Corrected Ctrl+Shift+V shortcut for pasting into the terminal
    – Corrected some other keyboard shortcuts (especially Alt+character or Ctrl+character)
    – Corrected non-printable characters in some man pages
    – Corrected a bug: Ssh-agent was not working properly
    – Corrected a bug: rsync did not worked correctly with ssh client
    – Added a new right-click option in SFTP browser for opening files with the default associated program
    – Added new X11 fonts for very big and very small text
    – Added a “check for updates” option in the “About” window


  2. Hi Tim,

    because I paid for it, I got an email telling me about the new version, and with the changelog attached.

    I simply copied and pasted it!


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