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Followers of the blog know I’m a Linux fan, but over the weekend I needed to fix some stuff on a Windows server at work and I took my first tentative steps into the world of Windows PowerShell. It was very much a case of “scripting by Google”, but I managed to get the job done pretty quickly. That episode prompted this tweet.


That resulted in two little exchanges. The first from Niall Litchfield, who must have been a little under the weather. 🙂



The second from @WindowsServer.




I think that’s my first interaction with Microsoft on any social network. I sense a new website called “” coming on. 🙂




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3 thoughts on “Windows PowerShell…”

  1. Windows Scripting Host was the previous name for it. It was fun to create SQLDesigner reports directly from the Oracle tool into Microsoft Word with it. Everyone thought I was doing “internal things” with Oracle. It was just a wsh script! There is a new version of basic that goes with Powershell as well and works well with it making it childplay to get things going.
    Beats Korn shell anyday!
    (although I still prefer my Ksh scripts!…)

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