MobaXterm 6.3…


Thanks to Norman Dunbar for pointing out that MobaXterm 6.3 has been released. You can find the download and changelog in the usual place.

I’ll be interested to see how the performance improvements to SFTP work out. I’ve seen some issues with this during transfers of large files before. The built in NFS and VNC servers sound interesting too. I can think of one situation where the NFS server would come in really handy. 🙂

Great stuff!



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4 thoughts on “MobaXterm 6.3…”

  1. How do you manage 100 sessions with various password? Is there encryption and password protect just to start MobaXterm? Thanks Michael.

  2. @mdinh: Yes. The passwords you save are encrypted and you can set a master password, that prevents others from using your saved password. You set that using, “Settings > Misc (tab) > MobaXterm password settings (button)”. You will see a big button at the bottom of the dialog so allow you to set the password. to use this functionality you have to pay the license. I thin there is a limit to 40-50 sessions without paying the license also.



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