MobaXterm 7.1 Released


If you are using a Windows desktop, you need MobaXterm in your life! Version 7.1 has recently been released…

I know you think you can’t live without Putty, Cygwin and/or Xming, but you really can. Give MobaXterm a go and I would be extremely surprised if you ever go back to that rag-tag bunch of apps…



PS. Includes “Updated OpenSSL library to 1.0.1g (for “Heartbleed Bug” correction)”

Author: Tim...

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One thought on “MobaXterm 7.1 Released”

  1. Hi Tim,
    Thanks for post. After our meeting in Dublin I decided to give it a try and testing it now. I found one thing with is a bit annoying – when I start vi in terminal I can’t scroll up anymore outside vi screen. Maybe there is a way to change this behavior to failed to find it so far.

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