Website Outage Warning : 26 Oct 2014 20:00-00:00 GMT


DiagnosticsJust a quick note to say the website will be out of action this evening for 3-4 hours.

There have been a couple of random failures recently. With nothing in the logs to work with, I figured I’d try testing the hardware. Yesterday I tested the disks and they came back OK. Tonight it’s the turn of the memory. The plan is for the site to go down about 20:00 UK Time (GMT) and be up by midnight.

Sorry if this annoys anyone, but I’ve been looking through the site statistics trying to find the best time to do this and Sunday night seems to be the quietest time.

I’ll let you know how it goes. 🙂



PS. You can read the stuff from Google’s cache in the short term. Search for the item on Google. When you get it, click the down-arrow next to the URL and select “Cached”. No need to miss anything… 🙂


Update: It didn’t happen as the data centre people got back to me too late to start it (this morning). I’ll pencil this in for next week…

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