MySQL : What management tools do you use?


A quick question out to the world. What management tools do you use for MySQL?

We currently have:

  • MySQL Workbench : It’s OK, but I don’t really like it. It feels like half a product compared to tools I’ve used for other database engines…
  • phpMyAdmin : I’ve used this on and off for over a decade for my own website. While I’m typing this sentence, they’ve probably released 4 new versions. 🙂 We have an installation of this which we use to access our MySQL databases should the need arise.
  • mysql Command Line : I use the command line and a variety of scripts for the vast majority of the things I do.

When I’m working with Oracle, my first port of call for any situation is to use SQL*Plus along with a variety of scripts I’ve created over the years. The performance stuff in Cloud Control (if you’ve paid for the Diagnostics and Tuning option) is the big exception to that of course.

I still consider myself a newbie MySQL administrator, but I’ve found myself spending more and more time at the command line, to the point where I rarely launch MySQL Workbench or phpMyAdmin these days. I’m wondering if that is common to other MySQL administrators, or if it is a carry over from my Oracle background…

Enquiring minds need to know!



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8 thoughts on “MySQL : What management tools do you use?”

  1. Pete: Yes. I know about Alex’s plugin, but I’m not toally happy about putting 3rd Party plugins into our Cloud Control, even if it is from Alex. I heard about your plugin at OOW14, but I believe it is part of the enterprise licensing, so I’m pretty sure my company will never pay for it. 🙂

  2. MySQL Command Line and Toad for MySQL. (Not as nice as Toad for Oracle, but the MySQL version is freeware).

  3. Since I’m primarily an Oracle programmer, I use Oracle’s SQL Developer, but then I don’t do much MySQL work, so the one or two DB’s I access that way on occasion are fairly manageable.

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