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I’ve just done a quick survey of cloud storage¬†pricing for some of the popular providers. Times have certainly changed since I last looked at this. Depending on what you are looking for, each service has its own sweet spot, so there isn’t a one-size-fits-all answer. All the prices are in GBP for a whole year based on today’s exchange rate and rounded up to the nearest pound. Check the pricing in your region, as this stuff varies, as does service availability by region. ūüôā

Provider            Free          100G        1TB       10TB      Unlimited

Google Drive        15G           £16         £78
MS One Drive        15G           £24         £80*
DropBox              2G                       £79
Box                 10G           £84                             £132
Amazon Cloud Drive   5G           £32         £325
Hubic**             25G           £ 9                   £87

* Price based on buying an Office 365 license for a whole year, which comes with 1TB space.
** Thanks to Eric Grancher for pointing out this service.

Things of note.

  • If you just want a straight 1TB of space, then Google Drive comes out ahead.
  • If you are just paying for space, One Drive is way more expensive than Google Drive, but the Office 365 deal makes it look appealing.
  • If you think you need more than 1TB, then Box looks very interesting! Of course, you need to check what they mean by “unlimited”. ūüôā
  • The Hubic prices are amazing! For the 10TB service your data is stored in 3 data centres in France.
  • Microsoft are rolling out unlimited storage for some US customers, but this is not available for me, so I’ve not included it.

As with everything, you have to check the T&Cs for fair use policies, maximum file sizes, bandwidth throttling, data jurisdiction etc.



Update: Someone tweeted this Top 5 comparison.

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3 thoughts on “Cloud Storage Pricing for Home Use”

  1. I’ve bought a DropBox Pro plan. Two points:

    1. £96 is if you pay by month, £79 if you pay by year.
    2. If you own an iOS device, it might be substantially cheaper to buy DropBox Pro using the in-app purchase function. Here in Sweden this cost me 749 SEK — equivalent to ¬£58

  2. And, if you just need online backup, Backblaze offers *unlimited* storage for a singe client computer for $5 per month (approx £39 per year).

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