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DiagnosticsI wrote a few months ago about having a play with Windows 10 (here).

I’m visiting family today, catching up on all the Windows desktop (and mobile phone) support that I missed while I was away.

I purposely postponed the Windows 10 update on the desktops before I went away, but now I’m back I did the first of them.

The update itself was fine, but it did take a long time. Nothing really to write home about.

I’ve installed the latest version of Classic Shell on the machine, so the experience is similar to what they had before, Windows 8.1 and Classic Shell, which felt like Windows 7. 🙂

I’ve also switched out their shortcuts from Edge (Spartan) to Internet Explorer 11. They already use a combination of IE, Firefox and Chrome, so I didn’t want to add another thing into the mix. Also, the nephews use the Java plugin for some web-based games, so it is easier to leave them with IE for the time being. Maybe I will introduce Edge later…

So all in all, the user experience is pretty much unchanged compared to what they had before. I guess I will see how many calls Captain Support gets over the coming weeks! 🙂



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5 thoughts on “Windows 10 Again”

  1. I felt so, “oh, free upgrade from Windows !” Let’s see..
    Upgraded for my laptop desktop….

    In my opinion MS wants the non IT guys to do some MS training to get used to Windows 10…well, am saying any kind of business politics or getting the data from people smartly? No I am not MS…. 😉

    It’s indeed very stylish… fancy…beauty with apps….Am saying it is user friendly and any non IT guy usable…? Yes, am.
    It should have named “Sexy 10 OS”

    I am glad I downgraded to Win 7 Prof. Edition….
    You were absolutely right with Win 10 Master/Tim

    There were huge messages on Linkedin and on XING in Germany about this Upgrade…lost some time upgrading it..I could have saved time if I could do that install on a VM and played with it….
    It was saying something, “we can upgrade all the machines on your network” OMG…MS forget my system please….

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