Happy New Year 2016!


New-Year-Eve-2016Happy New Year to everyone! Yes, even you!

I’m not big on new years resolutions, since I always end up breaking them on the first visit to the 24 hour Tesco store down the street! So in a similar vein to a post I wrote in 2012, here is my mission statement for the year!


  • Keep doing the website and the blog. Hopefully this should be one I actually achieve. 🙂
  • Try to keep making videos for my YouTube channel. I enjoy doing the videos, but they take so long to produce it’s really not a good use of my time. It would be easier if I quit everything else and just focused on it, but that wouldn’t really make sense, but then again…
  • Diversify. I’m not talking about a full on change of direction, but I shouldn’t be scared to try different things out. If they work, great. If they fail, move on. Sounds so simple, but does always feel that way.


  • I’m starting 2016 the heaviest I’ve been in a long time, over 250 pounds or over 115 Kg for you metric types. At my age and with my medical history, it’s really not a great place to be. You gotta eat less if you wanna see 2017 man!
  • Keep going to the gym. I love going to the gym and I like chucking round loads of weight. I’ve probably got to hold back a bit more for the sake of my wrists, elbows and shoulders.
  • Keep stretching, but pay some more attention to back flexibility and general posture. There’s no point having great posture for a few minutes of yoga, then slouching for the rest of the day.
  • More cardio! Swimming is the only cardio I enjoy, but to put it mildly, I dislike other swimmers. I should start walking more.

So really, this year has to be a year of moderation in everything to do with fitness. Especially where food is concerned.


This is weird one for me, because basically I just shouldn’t work. I’m good at the technical side of IT, but I am terrible at the politics and bullshit. What would make me happy is to quit my job and go back to the life I had for the 4 years before I started working at this place. Just sitting at home, playing with tech and writing about it, with the odd conference thrown in for good measure.

The problem is, writing about technical stuff when you are not using it daily in your job is bullshit. You end up in this little bubble of idealism and totally lose touch with the day-to-day grind that most developers and DBAs have to deal with.

I need to work so that I stay connected with reality, which has a beneficial effect on my content.


Just “do me” and forget about the haters. The more popular you get, the more haters you acquire. The internet is a toxic place and you’ve just got to try and ignore them.

I think that will do for now! 🙂

Have a good year everyone, and I hope you achieve at least a few of your goals for the year!



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2 thoughts on “Happy New Year 2016!”

  1. Happy new year Tim!

    You are not alone! Need to put in more hours on my bike this year too.

    Just keep up your good work! I think you are doing great on the publishing side. No need to change anything!
    Well maybe one thing … don’t forget that you’re having a presentation! (Lars Johan told me about TECH15 😉 )

  2. Yes, Tim, take care of yourself! We need you teaching and evangelizing Oracle Database technologies for at least 3 more decades. 🙂 I used to go to the gym lots. I have completely left that behind for going outside and hiking, clearing invasives, being outside moving my body in relatively “natural” ways (not repetitive motion, which you get both with computers and exercise machines). I avoid sidewalks to walk on grass – or now snow. The less even the surface the more work your body does to balance, engage….I believe all these “little” ways of being more in touch with our own planet will have a much better impact for you – short, medium and long term! Have a great 2016!

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