OGh Oracle DBA and SQL Celebration Day 2016


oghThe OGh Oracle DBA and SQL Celebration Day was the last stop on my trip and it went super-quick! The morning started with a keynote by Dad. He managed to resist the urge to talk about me for 60 minutes, which was good. It gets really embarrassing when he keeps telling everyone I’ve eclipsed his accomplishments in every way possible!

After the keynote is was speaking about efficient PL/SQL calls from SQL. I lost the ability to type, but I think the session went OK. There is a playlist of videos about this stuff here. 🙂

My plan was to move on to see Alex Nuijten speaking about the Model Clause (in Dutch), but I bumped into Mark Rittman and we chatted for the next hour. Whoops.

There was a long lunch break, which worked out really well as people were all networking. One of the important points of any event is the networking and sometimes organisers try to cram too many sessions into the day, which makes networking impossible. I think they got it right here.

After lunch was Mark Rittman with a session called, “Using Oracle Big Data SQL to add Hadoop + NoSQL to your Oracle Data warehouse”. The main message here was for “some workloads”, SQL is still the best interface to the data, even if that data is in Hadoop or NoSQL databases. Of course, for some workloads, the opposite it true.

Next up was Marco Gralike with “Getting Started with JSON in the Database”. I was interested to see if there was anything I had missed while I had been looking into this stuff. Marco gave a shout out to my YouTube videos on JSON (here), which was nice. 🙂

From there it was the last block of the day and I was presenting about analytic functions. Mark warned me not to call them “Analytics”, because “Analytic Functions” are not the same as “Analytics”. 🙂 I think I’ll start calling them just “Analytics” to wind him up. 🙂 The session felt like it went OK. 🙂 I suggested people take a look at the videos Connor McDonald has been doing on the subject (here).

With the last session over people started to filter away. We hung around for a while chatting, then a few of us went out to get some food at a restaurant across the street. Before I knew it, the event was over…

Thanks to the folks from OGh for organising the event and inviting me. Thanks to the other speakers and attendees for making the event possible. Also thanks to the Oracle ACE Program for allowing me to fly the flag. 🙂

See you all again soon.



PS. My video of the event is a little embarrassing as I didn’t get to film too much and what I did film was even shakier than usual. Ah well, I tried my best. 🙂

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