My Glamorous Life : What’s the point?


Last night I put out a video of my trip home.

I’ve written about the My Glamorous Life series of videos before (here). A couple of people commented recently that “nothing happens in them” and they are “quite boring”. That’s the point really. 🙂

  • The travelling sounds kind-of glamorous, but most of it is very dull. Being at different places is great. Travelling to and from them is as dull as ditch water. A series of clips of walking down corridors, standing in queues, taking shuttles, planes and taking trains really shows how much hassle it is to do even small trips.
  • Although the hotel rooms themselves are nice, it can get hard to remember where you are as they are all the same. 🙂
  • I wasn’t expecting it originally, but recording the experience actually makes the process a little more fun and gives me something to focus on.
  • There will sometimes be other things that creep into the series that are not there to prove how boring things are. Stuff like sightseeing. Remember, I like being places, I just don’t like getting to/from them. 🙂

I’ll probably continue to do these to keep me occupied while I’m travelling. 🙂

Just a couple of other things to clear up, based on questions/comments.

  • The videos of the conferences are a different thing entirely. These are about making memories of the events for myself.
  • This is not a “direction change” for the channel. It’s just something for me to do when I’m on the road. When I’m at home I will continue to do the technical stuff.



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One thought on “My Glamorous Life : What’s the point?”

  1. You’ve summed it up perfectly Tim, I definitely look forward to arriving more than the trip. Plus sometimes waking up and trying to work out where you are can be a pain.

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