APEX 5.1 Installations and Upgrades


APEX 5.1 was released for download a few days ago. I tried doing an upgrade against an installation on a VM at home and it worked fine, which was hardly surprising. 🙂

Officially I’m on holiday, but I figured I would upgrade all our Dev/Test installations while everything is quiet. Major version upgrades, changes in either of the first two numbers, require a full installation. There was no major difference between this and what I was doing for the 5.0 installations, so I just edited the existing article and altered the title.

Since all the apps at work use AD authentication, I tested that out against 5.1 too and it worked fine.

So it was really smooth sailing.

As I’ve mentioned previously, we’re a small scale user of APEX, so it’s relatively easy for me to upgrade and test our systems.

We’ll kick the tyres some more in the new year, then upgrade the live systems pretty soon.



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4 thoughts on “APEX 5.1 Installations and Upgrades”

  1. Oracle Application Express (APEX) 5.x Installatioh link assumes EPG being used instead of Tomcat. Need instructions on Tomcat installation — I attempted the installation over an existing 5.0 instance and APEX has error — sees 5.0 images and not 5.1 images.

    Any help would be appreciated.

  2. roastedturnkey: It doesn’t assume the use of EPG. It’s just one of the options available. In the related articles there is a link to the Tomcat configuration.

    To make things clearer I put an extra line in the start of the existing configuration sections, to show they are optional. I’ve also added an ORDS section, that explicitly points to the ORDS on Tomcat link, so hopefully others won’t be confused.



  3. Thanks Tim, appreciate it.

    My concern was that the installation process — according to the Oracle docs — specifies that one must use apex_epg_config.sql in order to load the images because the script apxldimg.sql has been deprecated. But in doing so one installs the EPG. So one must turn the EPG off — EXEC DBMS_XDB.sethttpport(0); — if one is not using the EPG.

    Thanks again for your time.

  4. roastedturnkey: I’m still not sure I understand your concern. Running apex_epg_config.sql does not set the port. It just makes sure EPG is configured for use if you need it. It is up to you to set the port manually. I’ve got APEX installed on almost all of my databases and they mostly have the port set to “0”. I didn’t manually set this. It was “0” from the get-go.

    You mentioned earlier you wanted to use Tomcat, so I assume you mean you wanted to use ORDS on Tomcat to front APEX. If so, the EPG config is a requirement for using ORDS to front APEX. That’s not to say the port has to be set, it should be “0”, but the EPG config must have taken place for ORDS to work properly as a front for APEX.



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