ODC Appreciation Day 2017 : It’s a Wrap (#ThanksODC)


Yesterday was the Oracle Developer Community ODC Appreciation Day (#ThanksODC).

Thanks to everyone who contributed. Here is the list of posts I saw in chronological order. If I missed you out, give me a shout and I’ll add you. 🙂

Four people chose the “online datafile move” feature, which is a feature I love too, so I guess that comes out top of this list in terms of popularity. 🙂

It’s always good to see some of the entires in languages other than English!

It’s wrong to have favourites, but the entry that made me the most happy was that of Flora B., who was inspired by this event to write her first blog post ODC Appreciation Day : EM CLI. That’s great!

In addition to the people who posted blogs, thanks to all those people that tweeted their favourite feature, and took the time to retweet everything. It was fun to watch them all coming in.

Once again, thanks everyone for getting involved and of course #ThanksODC! 🙂

Same-ish time next year! Add a comment if you have any ideas for themes for next year. 🙂



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3 thoughts on “ODC Appreciation Day 2017 : It’s a Wrap (#ThanksODC)”

  1. It was great to see so many contributors again Tim, thank you for organising.

    Maybe an idea for next year would be “that was then this is now”. The idea is to tie in with the changes going on in tech and the point you have made so well that we as DBAs, developers, and designers do things different now to even a few years ago. That is, it’s not a massive, moaning “in my day we used to do things properly” but more “do you remember all the s**t we did with extent sizes? Well, you should still consider…”
    I’m not sure how that would tie in with people new to the tech joining in (like Flora). We could give them the option to say what they would like to see the back of (the guys and gals with grey beards and paunches maybe!).
    Just a thought.

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