Video : SQLcl and Oracle REST Data Services (ORDS)

In today’s video we’ll demonstrate the ORDS functionality built into Oracle SQLcl.

This is based on this article.

There are loads of other ORDS articles here.

The star of today’s video is Arman Sharma, captured at Sangam 2015. Seems like yesterday.



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2 thoughts on “Video : SQLcl and Oracle REST Data Services (ORDS)”

  1. I had completed install ORDS 19.2 nut I had ran:

    p_enabled => TRUE,
    p_schema => ‘TESTUSER1’,
    p_url_mapping_type => ‘BASE_PATH’,
    p_url_mapping_pattern => ‘hr’,
    p_auto_rest_auth => FALSE

    =>Then the errors:
    ORDS.enable_schema->Must be declared. In my Oracle DB didn’t have “ORDS”.

    Please help me!
    Thanks so much!

  2. If the ORDS package isn’t there, you’ve not installed ORDS. You have to start ORDS for it to connect to the database and install the software, including the ORDS package.



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