Operating Systems for Oracle Databases, Including Windows This Time… (Poll Results Discussed)


Last week I put out a post about operating systems used for running Oracle databases.

Operating Systems for Oracle Databases (Poll Results Discussed)

This was the first question from the previous post.

Which operating system are you using for your Oracle database servers?

Unfortunately I forgot to include Windows. A number of people contacted me about this, asking if I would ask the question again and include Windows this time, so I did. Also, this time I was explicit about production systems, because I suspect some people were answering about their home setup… 🙂

So here we go for the second time…

Which operating system are you using for the majority of your **production** Oracle Databases servers? Not demo kit on your PC at home. A repeat of last week, but remembering to include Windows this time…

We can see Linux is still the clear winner, with UNIX and Windows battling it out for the second place spot. Going back to my statement from the last post, there is no point in purposely making yourself a minority, which would clearly suggest Linux is the place to be. Windows is a slight exception to that, because if your company has no experience on Linux, but a good grounding in Windows administration, it might be a good idea for you to stick with Windows, rather than doing a bad job with Linux. I can’t imagine there are many places with good UNIX skills and no Linux skills, so I’m not going to give the same “get out of jail free card” for that. 🙂

So as I said before, Linux is dominating, so you can see why there is so few posts about Oracle on other platforms these days…



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  1. As HP/UX support on IA 64 will end December 31st, 2025, expect to see Unix to fall behind Windows until then.

    Basically, only Solaris and AIX will be left in the Unix arena then – and Solaris only because it is an Oracle legacy OS.

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