Oracle 12c on Fedora 26

Before we get into this, I feel the need to mention this important caveat, so I don’t get any grief about this.

With that done, here we go…

Fedora 26 has been out for a while now. As soon as it dropped I tried to do some 12c installations on it and hit a stumbling block. The software would install and link fine, but it wouldn’t start up Oracle processes, so you couldn’t actually create a database using the DBCA or SQL*Plus. I roped in Frits Hoogland to help me find the issue, which he did through the magic of strace. 🙂

With that information, a bit of Googling revealed other software that was struggling with changes to glibc, with the only reliable solution (to their problems) being to downgrade to glibc from Fedora 25. That didn’t sound too satisfactory to me.

If I’m honest, I got kind-of bored by it until Andy Campbell made me aware of a workaround, so I was finally able to get 12cR1 and 12cR2 working fine on Fedora 26.

Not surprisingly, the 12cR1 installation still suffers from that Perl issue on newer chipsets. The 12cR2 installation is a lot clearer by comparison.

So now you know how to do it, please don’t! 🙂