28 Weeks Later…

This weekend turned into a bit of a film and TV fest.

I went to see 28 Weeks Later, the sequel to 28 Days Later, at the cinema. In 28 Days Later the “Rage Virus” as released from a research facility and infected everyone in the UK, turning them in to shrieking, running zombies. I guess the idea was not dissimilar to Resident Evil. Anyway, the sequel starts 28 weeks after the initial outbreak. By this point all the zombies have starved to death and the US army help start the re-population of the UK, stating with the Isle of Dogs in London. Inevitably, it all kicks-off again…

Although the original film was relatively low budget, it was executed well. The sequel followed the same format. It was noticeably a higher budget film, but still looked rather gritty. It did make use of the “shake the camera to add excitement” technique, which is one of my pet hates, but it was used in the appropriate manner, so I can’t complain. It was quite a grisly film, but it worked really well and I enjoyed it.

I’d read a number of reviews that talked about it being a metaphor for the Iraq invasion. I think if you are looking for this sort of thing you are always going to find it. Personally I think it is total trash.