30 Days of Night…

All I can say is what a shame! 30 Days of Night had such promise, but it washed it all down the toilet.

You can see lots of ideas from other films thrown into the mix. It’s in Alaska, so the darkness and snow is reminicent of The Thing. A place locked in darkness for a month allowing the baddies to be set free for that time is very much like Pitch Black I guess. The sreaming of the vampires was totally Invasion of the Body Snatchers. There are some more comparisons, but it would give the story away so I won’t do a spoiler.

The vampires themselves were cool. Proper ugly villians, not the usual hollywood vampires. The trouble was, there were just so many flaws. The vampires were incredibly fast and strong, but if one of the lead character wanted to run away from them, they just kind of walked and screamed a bit. Give me a break.

The ending was so infuriatingly trash it… Oh forget it!

I should have gone to see Saw 4 instead. At least you know you’re going to get a crappy gore-fest, rather than thinking you might get something reasonable and being disappointed.