DBmarlin : New Liquibase Integration

I had a call with some folks from DBmarlin back in June and they gave me a demo of their new database performance monitoring product, which supports any mix of on-prem and cloud databases. You can see the kind of stuff they do in the videos at the end of the post. One of the things I thought was cool was it tracks changes and overlays them on their timeline, so you can see if a change results in a significant difference in performance. Neat!

I mentioned this on Twitter at the time and Ilmar Kerm responded with this message.

“Good idea to overlay dB changes… this gives me an idea to start collecting all changes from liquibase databasechangelog tables and annotate grafana dashboards with them”

The next day he came back with this post.

“Done and deployed 🙂 Collecting Liquibase databasechangelog entries into central InfluxDB measurement. Added these events as annotations to grafana + dashboard just to browse all individual executed changesets as a text log. I like it.”

You can see an image of his dashboard here.

A few days ago I got an email from the DBmarlin folks again asking if I wanted to check out their Liquibase integration, inspired by Ilmar, so on Friday last week we had that call.

Their implementation is different to Ilmar’s, as they don’t reference the DATABASECHANGELOG table. Instead they’ve got a jar file that integrates with the Liquibase client to give them the change information, and allow them to link through to Liquibase Hub. The Liquibase integration is available from this repo on GitHib.

If you click on the image below to expand it, you will see the timeline with the changes (see my red arrows), and the list of changes at the bottom. Notice the Liquibase change I’ve highlighted.

Clicking on the link in the Liquibase change takes you to Liquibase Hub, where you can get more details about the change.

I really like this.

This is hot off the press. They are looking for people to kick the tyres on this and give them some feedback, so if you’re currently using the Liquibase client and Liquibase Hub with your databases (Oracle, PostreSQL, SQL Server, MySQL, CockroachDB etc.), give Russell (russell.luke@applicationperformance.com) a shout and have a play! You could get a free copy of DBmarlin for your feedback.

By the way, they also do Jenkins integration. See here. 🙂



BTW, this is not a sponsored post. I just like what they are doing with this product, so I thought it was worth a shout out.


DBmarlin for Liquibase

DBmarlin for Jenkins

DBmarlin short demo

Check out their YouTube channel here.