District 13

I went to watch District 13 on Saturday evening. It stars David Belle, who is regarded as the originator of “Le Parkour” (free running), and Cyril Raffaelli, who seems to know his stuff as far as fighting is concerned. It’s a french film, co-written by Luc Besson, so learn the lingo or take your reading glasses 🙂

Visually the film works really well, as you would expect from anything involving Luc Besson. The fight sequences are spectacular, with Cyril showing off some cool moves. He’s very inspiring and definitely knows his s**t! Of course, the most amazing part of the film is the free running. I love watching this stuff. It’s nice to watch wire-work in films like “Croutching Tiger, Hidden Dragon” and “The Matrix”, but when you see what the human body is capable without wires and crash-mats it’s totally awe inspiring. This film is like Ong Bak on steroids!

A must for any adrenalin junky!