Gold Coast (first impressions)…

I arrived yesterday afternoon in the Gold Coast and got a bus to my hotel, the Conrad Jupiters Casino. My first impression of the Gold Coast was not too good. It is essentially a big holiday resort. The fact I was staying in a casino gave me a bit of a flashback to Vegas.

On arriving at the hotel I noticed there was a pool, so I went straight out and had a swim. This made me feel a little more positive. Then I noticed there was a gym with a room where they teach fitness classes. The room was empty so I went back to my room, got my Yoga mat and did an Ashtanga practice. It was cool not having to practice in my hotel room. Too many distractions. After this I was feeling up for a wander around.

After leaving the hotel I walked through a shopping center and a restaurant area, then out on to the beach. This is when I realized I was going to like the Gold Coast. The beaches are long and wide with white sand. It is the perfect place to bring kids on holiday, hence the holiday resort developments. I’ve got 2 days before the conference starts so I’m going to spend my time between the beach, the gym and the pool. I’m going to try and blank out the casinos and holiday resort feel as they will only spoil it for me.

I would post photos only the hotel internet charges are extortionate, so I’m using a public terminal. Unless I get internet access at the conference, I probably won’t be online much until I reach New Zealand.