No Country for Old Men and Alien vs Predator – Requiem…

I saw a couple of films at the weekend:

No Country for Old Men – I didn’t really know much about this film before I went, so I didn’t have any expectations. I’d seen a few Coen brothers films and thought they were OK, but I’m not a major fan or anything.

It’s an odd film because you could list a load of reasons why it’s crap and I would have to agree, but you could also list a load of reasons why it’s brilliant and I would agree also. My overall feeling was that it was a cool film, but most of the cool factor comes from the way it fails to follow the normal Hollywood rules. Things don’t happen as you would expect, and characters don’t evolve in a predictable manner. It’s not like they are trying to break the rules. More like the rules had never existed. Cool!

Alien vs Predator – Requiem – I loved the first 4 Alien films (even the 3rd). I was also one of the few people that found something positive to say about the first AVP film. I know it wasn’t a proper Alien-style film, but is was a fun action flick.

Anyway, AVPR follows on from the first AVP film, so now we have Aliens, Predators and the Alien-Predator hybrid born at the end of AVP. Throw in a few dumb-ass humans and a military woman, as a homage to Ripley, and Bob’s your uncle. It’s not going to win any “Best Film” prizes, but it’s a good laugh.