Dbvisit Reporting…

I try to stick close to core Oracle technologies and steer clear of product endorsements, but over the years I’ve bumped into the ladies and gents from Dbvisit a number of times and they have been consistently cool and consistently on the money with their products. At Oracle OpenWorld 2012 I bumped into Arjen Visser who told me about their new product called Dbvisit Reporting, so I asked him to keep nagging me until I tried it out. When we met at UKOUG 2012 I still hadn’t tried it, but he had been too polite to bug me about it. This weekend it made it to the top of my list. 🙂

Dbvisit Reporting is essentially a cut-down version of Dbvisit Replicate, targeted specifically at creating real-time offload reporting databases. I’ve been having a play with it today, which resulted in this.

You can see my previous articles on their other products here.

Like all their products, Dbvisit Reporting delivers exactly what is says it will. The install is quick, so you don’t need to be a rocket scientist to get it working.

Keep up the good work ladies and gents! 🙂



PS. You can now test-drive Dbvisit Standby in the Cloud.

Dbvisit Replicate…

Last months I wrote a post Dbvisit Standby and said I planned on taking a look at their replication product at some point. I had actually already started writing an article on it, but got a bit side tracked before putting it live. I went back to it today and noticed a new version of the product had been released, so I downloaded it and gave it a run through.

Once again DBVisit have produced a clean and easy to install product that does exactly what it says it will. You guys better be careful or you’re going to turn me into a fanboy! 🙂

If you need replication and are checking out Oracle Streams and Oracle GoldenGate, you should probably take a look at Dbvisit Replicate also. You could be pleasantly surprised.