Remembering the bad old days of shared hardware…

I’m in the middle of a conversation with my boss about some old shared kit and it reminded me of the bad old days of shared hardware.

Nowadays we try to keep things really simple, with each VM/container serving a single purpose. Containers are great for this, because they allow the ultimate in granularity without the overhead associated with VMs.

Back in the old days we often had servers with loads of crap installed on them. Multiple versions of the database. Multiple versions of application servers. It was quite common to mix and match completely different tech stacks. The net result was you had a whole bunch of dependencies that meant you couldn’t change one thing without breaking everything else.

I’m sure some people have fond memories of those days, but I would suggest they have rose coloured spectacles. It was horrible, and I’m so glad we don’t do that anymore.

We have a couple of bits of shared kit left in our company, but once those are gone I’m going to purge the whole concept of shared kit from my brain and move on.