Thor: The Dark World

I’ve just got back from watching Thor: The Dark World.

Unlike lots of people, I actually liked the first Thor film. I also liked the character in The Avengers, so I went into the movie with high hopes. Some parts of this film are totally awesome. Some parts are a little bit boring. Some parts are like a low budget DR Who episode.

The dark elves were really cool, a bit spooky and dead tough when they were on every other planet, but put them in London and they just run around looking like dodgy extras in a Power Rangers episode. A few minutes earlier they were shooting everyone with super laser stick things and killing Gods. Now all they can do is chase people? Seriously?

 did the bad guy really well. I’m a bit bored of Loki now. He’s too predictable. I still think Thor is cool.  as Heimdall is a great character. Pity they can’t make more of his part. Everyone else is pretty well disposable from my position. I find ‘s character pretty annoying. Apart from a couple of scenes where she looked completely evil, she was a bit of a non-entity.

I think I’m going to like this film a lot more when I’m watching it on TV, so I can check my emails during the dull bits. I couldn’t get a signal in the cinema, so I was forced to watch them. 🙁