VirtualBox 4.3.16


virtualboxVirtualBox 4.3.16 has arrived. The downloads and changelog are in the usual places.

Although 4.3.14 worked fine on OS X and Linux, I skipped it on Windows because it just wouldn’t start a VM. That issue is allegedly fixed in this release. The changelog includes the following entry.

Windows hosts: fixed startup problems on certain Windows hosts due to conflicts with anti-virus software (4.3.14 regression, bug #13187)”

Happy days! :)



Update: It is working fine on Windows 7 at work…

VirtualBox 4.3.14


Oracle have given birth to VirtualBox 4.3.14. Mother and baby are doing well, with the downloads and changelog in the usual places.

Happy upgrading…



PS. Looks like the baby might be still-born. Fails pretty badly on Windows 7 at the moment…

PPS. Seems to work fine on Mac and Linux (Fedora 20)…

VirtualBox 4.3.10


VirtualBox 4.3.10 has been released. The downloads and changelog are in the usual places.

At the time of writing, the link to the Windows version seems to be broken, but the Mac, Oracle Linux and Fedora versions are there.

Happy upgrading!



Update: Probably best to wait a while before downloading this new version. This version is currently on its 3rd build since I first downloaded it and now the download links are broken. :(


VirtualBox 4.3.4


Oracle VirtualBox 4.3.4 has been released. The downloads and changelog are in the usual places. I thought 4.3.4 included a fix for the Mac OS X upgrade issue I posted about, but it didn’t. The install of 4.3.4 was seamless and didn’t require any fiddling about. :)

I’m currently running VirtualBox 4.3.4 on Fedora 19Oracle Linux 6OS X Mavericks and Windows 7.



VirtualBox 4.3.2 Released


After a major release, it’s not surprising that a maintenance release follows hot on the heals, so VirtualBox 4.3.2 has been released. The downloads and changelog are in the usual places. The changes include a fix for the Mac OS X upgrade issue I mentioned recently.

I’m currently running VirtualBox 4.3.x on Fedora 19, Oracle Linux 6, OS X Mavericks and Windows 7 with no real dramas, but the fixes are a welcome addition.



PS. May have spoken too soon. The OS X version required back-to-back installations to get things working, but things were working fine after a reboot, so slightly better than the previous version. :)

Oracle VirtualBox 4.3 Released


Oracle VirtualBox 4.3 has been released. The downloads and changelog are in the usual places.

There is a nice write-up about the new features here.

So do I upgrade just before the Nordic Tour, or be boring and play safe until after I get back? :)



PS. I decided to play it safe. I’ve updated by PC at work and at home, but I’m not going to upgrade my laptop until after I get back from the tour. :)

PPS. On Fedora you have to “rpm -e” the old version before installing the new one. It’s wouldn’t upgrade because of conflicts.