XMen 3 – The Last Stand, and Spiders…

I went to see “XMen 3 – The Last Stand” last night. It was totally brilliant! I loved the previous films, but this one was like the previous films on steroids. Loads more mutants and loads more destruction. Cool…

During the day I went to a 6th birthday party for one of my friends kids. In addition to all the usually party stuff, they got two guys to bring in an assortment of animals from a rescue center. All the kids, and most of the parents loved it. The guys brought a mixed bunch of animals including:

  • Two pythons
  • An African albino hedgehog
  • A skunk
  • A meerkat
  • Lots of cockroaches
  • Several types of tarantulas
  • Two types of scorpions
  • A paraquete

The kids were desperate to hold/touch/feed everything and apart from the scorpians, they got their hands on everything. Having seen a six year old holding two tarantulas, I bit the bullet and held one. I think it’s safe to say that I’m scared shitless of spiders, but it wasn’t half bad. Tarantuals are quite laid back and move very deliberately, not like those nasty house spiders, whose sticky little legs move at ten-to-the-dozen…

As a result of this, I feel moderately less scared of spiders. I guess the next time I find one lurking in the bath I’ll try and pick it up with my hands, rather than a glass and a piece of paper 🙂