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Multitenant : PDB CONTAINERS Clause

*+-I forgot to mention, I put another multitenant article live at the weekend. Multitenant : PDB CONTAINERS Clause in Oracle Database 12c Release 1 ( I’m not sure I will ever use it, but it’s good to know it’s there. I was originally working on an article on a completely different multitenant feature, but the […]

To PDB or not to PDB : The final decision

*+-After yesterday’s to PDB or not to PDB post, I decided the answer was “to PDB”. Here’s what I did… Installed the Oracle 12c ( software. There is an installation article here, but all I had to do was a software-only installation because the OS already met all the prerequisites because of the existing […]

To PDB or not to PDB

*+-I’m about to start a Proof of Concept (POC) for a 12c upgrade of one of our databases. The production database in question is running on Oracle Linux inside a VMware virtual machine, so the starting point I’ve been given for the POC is a clone of the whole VM… Probably the biggest decision I’ve got to […]

Oracle 12c Multitenant Option : CDBs and PDBs…

*+-I started trying to play with the Oracle multitenant option (all that pluggable database stuff) a little while ago and gave up. It’s wasn’t that it was that difficult. More than anything my problem was I didn’t know what to focus on first. There is so much to it and it’s all interrelated, so you start […]