I watched Interstellar last night at a mates house.

Where to start with this film?

  • Visually it is fantastic. Lots of epic scenes. Definitely great eye candy.
  • The story is pretty basic. I won’t give anything away but there’s nothing new here.
  • According to all the stuff on the net, it is scientifically on point.

What’s my gut feel?

  • Way too long. Lots of “setting the scene” and comparatively much less of the stuff you really want out of this type of film.
  • Crazy ape-shit ending. You will be sitting there thinking WTF?

Final thoughts?



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5 thoughts on “Interstellar”

  1. Steven: I bought it on Google Play and watched it using his Chromecast, playing it from my phone. So I’m not generous at all. 🙂



  2. Very much my feelings as well after watching it in the theatre.
    But, and this is really weird:
    I have now got the dvd and watched it with subtitles for the hearing impaired turned on.
    A habit that I have fallen into due to my impact printer-damaged eardrums.

    And it is actually quite a nice and acceptable story!

    There is a LOT of detail that is lost due to the awful voice quality and the horrible Murrican accent.
    With readable English instead it changes completely into something that makes sense!
    I do recall someone commenting at the end when I first watched it in the theatre that they had understood nothing due to the horrible accent. Can’t agree more, now that I’ve seen the real story.

    Try it, you may well be surprised.

  3. It was a loud movie at times, too. I loved it, rate it better than Gravity, but in the same ball park. Look out for a movie coming this year called “The Martian”

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