Do you even [ Agile | DevOps ] bruh?


It seems I can’t turn around without getting myself involved in some discussion about Agile or DevOps these days.


I agree with many of the concepts and the aims of Agile, DevOps, Continuous Delivery etc. I find it hard to believe anyone wouldn’t see value in what they are trying to promote. As always, it is how people interpret and implement them that makes all the difference.

It’s just like religion. They all seem to be pretty sound at heart, but let a few lunatics and fundamentalists loose on them and next thing you know…

Things like Agile and DevOps have arisen to address perceived problems. If your organisation doesn’t suffer from those problems, you may not need to consider them, or you may already be doing something like them without knowing you are. 🙂

Your company can be agile, without following Scrum or Kanban. You will inevitably have arrived at similar patterns I guess. Likewise, your streamlining of process, automation of testing and deployment, good communication between silos (if present) may leave you wondering what all the DevOps fuss is about.

I am both a fan and hater of Agile and DevOps. I’m a fan of what they are able to achieve when used correctly. I’m a hater of all the bullshit that surrounds them!

Rant over. 🙂



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3 thoughts on “Do you even [ Agile | DevOps ] bruh?”

  1. I am a fan of the concept of Agile – but so many organisations seem to think just slapping some agile processes and labels in place is going to fix their broken IT department. Well, it does not, it makes things even worse half the time (“We must do bad stuff FASTER and we must ignore MORE housekeeping!”)
    But the worst thing are the shiny-eyed evangelists. Or Jedis. Or Ningas or whatever other B-movie label they take. I had one come to a meeting I was in to tell us we did not believe enough – honestly! He said something like “You are doing OK but you are not committed to Agile enough. If you believed in it more, if you really believed it you would be 500% more efficient”. I queried that, but he was adamant. He was fanatical.
    I think he put back the image of Agile in our team by about 500%.

  2. I always smile when someone mentions scrum I think of playing rugby lots of pushing, shoving, kicking of shins and trying to move in opposite directions.

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