macOS Sierra (OS X 10.12)


In the 80s and 90s the Sierra was an incredibly popular, but boring saloon car from Ford. Today I upgraded to macOS Sierra, which will eventually be an incredibly popular (for Mac owners), but boring operating system from Apple.

So what’s new? You get Siri! Oh yes, you also get Siri! There is also Siri! And finally, for good measure you get Siri!

If you own multiple devices, there is some fluff, like shared clipboard, but I don’t own multiple Apple devices, so basically this OS is what I had before with a sprinkling of Siri.

What was the experience of upgrading like? An absolute nightmare! It said it was going to take about 18 minutes, but it seemed to hang for a couple of hours. I ended up doing about 5 hard reboots before it actually came up. After all that hassle and wasted time, I got El Crapitan + Siri. Amazing. Way to innovate Apple!

Of course, Apple fanboys will love it and it will change their lives… Whatever!



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5 thoughts on “macOS Sierra (OS X 10.12)”

  1. At least Mail app does not crash every other day. On the other hand – Dock is broken (ugly tooltips) …

  2. Patrick: I’m not sure why not being impressed by the upgrade makes me a troll. It’s pretty much a featureless upgrade. If anyone is excited by this I would be surprised.

    I just checked and I’ve been using a MacBook Pro since about 2009. This one is about a year old now (15 inch retina etc.). In the 7-ish years I’ve been using them I’ve constantly been told OS X is amazing and I’m yet to see it. I’m not saying it is terrible. It’s just not significantly different to desktop Linux (which I used for about 10 years) or Windows (which I use at work). The OS X upgrades have been massively underwhelming over the last 7 years, which is probably why the recent ones have all been free. Typically, the features they’ve added have been pointless *for me* and I’m still waiting for the day when I become a rabid fanboy like so many seem to be.

    The main factor influencing my use of a MacBook is the build quality. I travel and having something solid and relatively compact is important. The MacBook allows me to have my desktop PC on the road with me. If any other manufacturers would step up to the plate, I would quite happily move to Windows 10. I support some family members who use it and I think it is equally good/bad as OS X.

    So forgive me if I don’t ejaculate all over my own face because Apple as released a featureless upgrade. If you follow my blog you will know I tend to call things as I see them. You don’t have to agree with me. Doesn’t bother me either way. 🙂



  3. Did not getting topic! Mac osx is boring? What then on earth is not boring? Would you drive back in windows world! Mac os is a great alternative to windows and is cool similar to Linux especially ubuntu unty, this one is closer to osx and thats why Im loving it! Cheers!

  4. Roberts: I think my reaction was more to do with the pain and hassle I went through to upgrade, which then left me with Siri. As has been described by several people since, this was a featureless release.

    I have no problem making the move to Windows. I think Windows 10 is OK. Not a fanboy, but not a hater either.



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