Cloud Control 13c Release 2 (13cR2) : It’s Alive!


o-enterprisemgr-13c-clr-2769481I delayed our upgrade from Cloud Control 13cR1 to 13cR2 until I finished all my travelling. It’s not really fair to make a major change then swan off round the world. 🙂

Yesterday was the day. I got in and started the upgrade, following the process I documented here and it worked. 🙂


I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. I had tested it all at home anyway.

We now have Cloud Control 13cR2 monitoring all out Dev and Test systems. For the next few days we’ll be kicking the tyres before continuing to roll it out to production, which is still currently monitored by Cloud Control 12cR5.

You can read my notes about this stuff here.

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One thought on “Cloud Control 13c Release 2 (13cR2) : It’s Alive!”

  1. Hmmm….
    After my earlier experience with 13cr1, I think I might give this one a wide berth.
    Had enough of doing unpaid Alfa testing for Oracle products…

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