VMware Workshop : Day 1


Having a late night before an intensive day in a lab is not a great idea. I woke up feeling like the living dead. We got in a bus and were driven a few miles to the VMware office in Cork to start the “VMware Expert Database Workshop Program Oracle Edition”.

The basic agenda for the day was as follows.

  • “Introductions and Program Overview” by Don Sullivan & Mohan Potheri
  • “The Basics of vSphere and the SDDC for Oracle” by Mike Corey
  • “VMware Executive Welcome to Cork” by Karen Egan
  • “Pure Storage Executive Welcome” by Carl McQuillan
  • VMware vSphere Core & SDDC – vMotion, The Decoupling of the Server and the Host” by Valentin Bondzio
  • “Oracle on VMware ‘One Woman’s Journey'” by Yvonne Murphy
  • “Pure Storage – A Technical Session #1” by Somu Rajarathinam and Alex Infanzon
  • “Oracle on vSphere on Pure Storage Cloud based Labs” with Mohan Potheri, Dean Bolton, Sudhir Balasubramanian

The whole day was really interactive. We were asking questions and giving opinions throughout the sessions. Between the sessions I was working through a list of questions with various speakers. This was really a combination of trying to learn new stuff, confirm stuff I already know and updating some of my out of date knowledge.

In the evening we headed out to dinner and I spent a lot of time talking to Valentin Bondzio and taking notes on my phone. 🙂

We headed back to the hotel and spent a long time continuing the conversations of the day. I was planning on an early night, but if you give me the opportunity to geek out I’m going to take it, so it was another late night! 🙂

It was a great first day. I wrote loads of notes and cleared a lot of my questions. Everyone at VMware and Pure Storage were super helpful, to a big thank you to everyone! I’m looking forward to tomorrow!



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