VMware Workshop : Day 2


Another late night and another morning feeling like a zombie! 🙂

The agenda for “VMware Expert Database Workshop Program Oracle Edition” day 2 looked something like this.

  • “The Best Oracle Support Team on Earth – Global Support Services Oracle Team” by Yvonne Murphy and Gabi Rosell
  • “Oracle on vSphere Licensing” by Dave Welch
  • “vRealize Automation and Oracle” by Jad El-Zein
  • “vRealize Automation and Oracle mini Workshop” by Jad El-Zein
  • “vSphere Core Storage Fundamentals” by Andres Scherr
  • “vSphere Core – vCPU Scheduler & Memory allocated to Virtual Machines” by Valentin Bondzio
  • “Troubleshooting in Virtual Environments for DBs from the GOS\vNUMA” by Valentin Bondzio
  • “Modern Converged Storage, & VSAN & VVols” by Andres Scherr
  • “Oracle on vSphere on Pure Storage Cloud based Labs – Day 2”

It was another full-on day. Lots of content. Lots of questions. Lots of answers. I really hope when I get home I can make sense of the notes I took during the day! 🙂

In the evening we went out to a bar in the town and got food and drink for those that do. During the food there was music and Irish dancing by Tanel Poder? 🙂

We got back to the hotel at about 22:00, so the obvious thing to do was go to bed. Unfortunately I stayed up until after midnight chatting about tech again! It’s going to be a tough day tomorrow! 🙂



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