Fusion Middleware Released (OBIEE and ODI)


There I was, happily patting myself on the back that I’ve installed and patched a bunch of lovely new OBIEE servers when they go and drop Aaarrggghhhh!

I’ve now ripped them all out and reinstalled them with the new version. It was pretty straight forward actually, and easier to do it now than when they start getting used a lot! 🙂

The only real difference is the names of the files. I used exactly the same response files to do the installs. 🙂

I’ve also done a rebuild of an ODI server to Once again the main difference is the file names.

I’ve actually rejigged all the articles a little, so they more closely reflect what I actually do now. As always, your process evolves over time. 🙂



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6 thoughts on “Fusion Middleware Released (OBIEE and ODI)”

  1. Tim,

    Thank you for the write up. Pls can you clarify upgrade path for FMW12c (OBIEE/ODI). OBIEE is on and about to be upgraded to Do we need to upgrade ODI as well? Can we update these independently or upgrade together.


  2. I read your article on the install with OBI/OBIA a while ago. I had the pleasure of having to install OBI, don’t remember the versions for Informatica and DAC, but your posts help me learn a lot. I do want to do the above install to see how much easier it is. I’m pretty sure my company will upgrade in a year or two and the good thing is, ill already have everything documented. Just out of curiosity, is there any particular reason you wanted to do a silent install, vs the GUI. I can tell its something more that meets the surface, can you explain your logic.

    Thank you

  3. Michael: I’m pretty new to this stuff, so I wouldn’t feel comfortable about giving advice about this. I think you would be better to ask questions on the OTN forums or on #obihackers. 🙂

    In this case, because it was new stuff, I ripped out the old stuff and reinstalled from scratch. I guess if you share the same middleware for OBIEE and ODI you would have to upgrade both, or have two middleware installations on the same machine. We have them on separate servers, so we could run old and new side by side.



  4. Oracle DBA App Chick: I do silent installs for everything if possible. It means you can do reliable and repeatable installations on multiple systems and *know* you’ve got them correct. It’s too easy to forget a step when you do a manual install. It also means your build scripts can go into source control. 🙂



  5. Oracle DBA Apps Chick : Yes. I can be tough, but I think of it as taking a step back to move forward. When I did a GUI install of OBIA it took about 3-4 days. Using a semi-silent approach (some steps are hard to script) it takes less than 1 day. 🙂

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