Oracle OpenWorld and Code One 2018 : Day 3 – Wednesday


Wednesday was the start of the burnout! After two days of all-day briefings and a couple of days of OpenWorld and Code One madness, mixed with a touch of jet-lag, I felt totally beat up. I woke up early, went to the gym and caught up on some blogging. The only thing I definitely had to do was my 14:00-16:00 shift on the Blockchain Beer Demo in the Groundbreakers Hub.

Photo by Mike Donovan

When I got to the conference the first thing I did was head down to the exhibition hall and demo grounds to try to catch up with a few people. I visited the folks at the Dbvisit stand where I met all the usual suspects, plus a couple of folks I’d never met before. I spent quite a bit of time chatting with Mike and Vit about containers for the database layer.  I know I say it every year, but I really like the Dbvisit crew. They are a good crowd and it’s nice to see good people doing well!

From there I saw a bunch of shady characters hanging around the APEX stand at the demo grounds, so I went to bug them for a bit, and pretend I know what APEX is. After that I grabbed some food and then it was time for my shift at the Blockchain Beer Demo…

I was an abject failure at the Blockchain Beer Demo. I know what blockchain is, and I know what beer is, but I can’t really talk in detail about either of them. Luckily we had a blockchain and a beer expert (Neil) on hand, so I mostly handed out stickers and pointing people in the right direction, depending on what they were interested in, which was mostly beer. Despite my incompetence, I did have a good time chatting to people. We were next to the “Meet the Experts” stand, so I provided waiter service to them. 🙂

Photo by Brendan Tierney

From there I went across to tail end of the chocolate tasting, then we got kicked out of the exhibition hall as everyone was starting the breakdown. On the way out Brendan and I got quick photo with the ACE and Groundbreakers frames. I also got one with Liron, but he’s not posted his. 🙂

Most people were heading out for the CloudFest event in the evening, but I gave my ticket away, so I grabbed some food and headed back to the hotel to crash.

Tomorrow (Thursday) I have my DBA Does Docker talk at 12:00, then the event is over for me.



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