Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 13.3 on Oracle Database 19c


I’ve had some articles about Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 13.3 on the site for quite a while now. The first installation and upgrade articles were posted over a year ago.

More recently I posted about a Vagrant build and a silent upgrade.

At the time, the certification matrix said Oracle 19c was not certified to hold the OMS repository, so my article and Vagrant build didn’t include it. A few days ago someone asked me if it would work on 19c, and I was just about to reply and say it wasn’t certified, but I thought I better check first. It is now certified (if you are on the latest versions of the DB plugin), so I thought I better give it a run through.

The process was the same for 19c, so all I had do was unzip the 19c media into the renamed ORACLE_HOME and the rest went fine. I’ve done some minor updates to the articles and the Vagrant build to reflect this.

So if you are on OL7/RHEL7, you are good to upgrade to 19c for the OMS repository. 😉

Happy days!



Update: JE in the comments pointed out the requirement to be on the latest plugins for 19c to work (see here). They also pointed out the loss of the Top Activity screen. From my perspective:

  • I always run with the latest plugins if possible.
  • The Top Activity screen is replaced by the ASH Analytics screen, which does all the same things, but I would say the window adjustment makes it a bit better. It took a little time to get used to it, but I use it in the same way I used the Top Activity screen on versions from 11.2 to 19c with no drama.

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9 thoughts on “Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 13.3 on Oracle Database 19c”

  1. Hi.

    These are two separate things, and I would treat them that way, so as not to introduce any confusion if something goes wrong along the way.

    1) I would upgrade Cloud Control to 13.3. As mentioned in the post, there are articles about this.


    2) When you’ve run with that for a while and are happy it’s working, you can look to upgrade the database to 19c. The approach you take will depend if your DB is multitenant or not.




  2. Hey Tim, have you tried setting up OEM13C HA Config ? Is it possible to upgrade 13.2 to 13.3 and migrate to HA at the same time ?

  3. Tim, you may want to note that 19c is only certified for 13.3 when the ‘PG’ release of the database plug-in is installed. As the PG plug-in is not part of the base 13.3 install it may be confusing.


    Little asterisk under the colorful matrices.

    You may further want to warn people that the ‘PG’ database plug-in release removes easy access to the top-activity page as flash-based pages get rm’d in favor of JET. Additionally ASH Analytics, which is supposed to replace Top Activity, is broken for the PG release on <18C databases (see comments in the PG blog post).

  4. HK: I always use a simple installation (one box) on a VM, using the virtual infrastructure to provide resilience. I find it a lot easier to work that way, rather than split things up. As a result, I’ve not tried an upgrade with an alternative configuration.



  5. JE: Well, I would say:

    1) Always use the latest plugins. I’m using the latest, and as you rightly point out top-activity is gone, but ASH Analytics does everything top-activity did, and has a finer level of control for the window. I prefer it. It took a couple of days to get used to it, but I think it’s better.

    2) I’ve not had any problem with ASH analytics working on older installations. It’s working fine for me on 11.2 and 12.1, as well as 18c and 19c of course.

    I will put a note in the post about it though. 🙂



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