Prometheus (3D)

I went to see Prometheus at the start of the month and wrote about it here.

A few days ago some friends asked me if I wanted to go with them to see it in 3D, so I did.

In 2D, the opening sequence was amazing. In 3D it was a bit of a let down. The opening credits (being 3D) jumped out at you and distracted from scenes behind. As for the rest of the film, some scenes worked and others didn’t. Pretty much any time there is movement, 3D sucks.

If I had gone to see the film in 3D first, I think my impression of it would have been quite different. If you have yet to see it, please go to the 2D version!



PS. The Spiderman trailer was a mess in 3D. All of us commented on it being just a big blur. Truly terrible. I think the film will be good though (in 2D).

Underworld: Awakening…

I went to watch the 3D version of Underworld: Awakening yesterday.

I’ve made my feeling know about 3D several times and this film changes nothing. The 3D element is an expensive gimmick I can live without. What’s more, the 3D in this film is pretty crappy. It looks like a post-production thing, rather than being filmed in 3D. It just so happens the cinema I went to was only showing it in 3D so I had little choice.

3D gripe aside, what did I think of the film? I liked it. It doesn’t bring anything new to the table. In fact it’s very much like the previous two films starring Kate Beckinsale, but it is crammed with iconic slow-mo shots that scream cool to people like me who are fans of women kicking ass in films. Just like the Resident Evil films, if they keep making them, I’ll keep watching them, pretty much regardless of plot or quality… 🙂