Oracle WebLogic 12cR2 : ADF, Domains, Clusters and Stuff

Following on from yesterday’s post about these WebLogic 12cR2 articles,

I’ve spent today creating ADF enabled domains and clustered domains on WebLogic 12cR2. That has spawned some new articles that are effectively updates of the old WebLogic  11g and 12cR1 articles.

With a bit of luck I will now be able to get through next week without looking like a complete idiot…

WebLogic 12cR2 is similar enough to 11g and 12cR1 to feel familiar, but there are tweeks here and there that make life interesting. The GUI screens have been prettied a little too.

As I keep warning, I’m a complete WebLogic newbie, so the content of these articles will evolve as I learn more and realise all the mistakes I’m making… 🙂