Oracle Database 18.3.0 On-Prem for Linux

I was just about to go to bed when I saw this post by Mike Dietrich. Yay!

I’ve had access to 18c on the Oracle Cloud for some time, so I’ve already been able to write a bunch of stuff about it (see here), but it always feels geekier when it’s running on your own kit. It also makes demos a little less dangerous if you can fall back to your own machine. 🙂

Of course I’m starting the downloads now, so maybe I’ll get to have a play tomorrow? 🙂 If you want it you can grab it from here.

Happy upgrading…



Oracle 11g for New Platforms…

I guess most people have now seen that Oracle 11g is now available for all of the “most popular” platforms. Yesterday we were told this would happen within the next couple of weeks, but I’m guessing it was already downloadable during this announcement. You gotta laugh… 🙂

Oracle 11g Database – Ready for the Enterprise?

I guess the release of Oracle 11g for Linux x86-64 might be the first signs that Oracle 11g Database is ready for use in enterprise environments. We should start a sweepstake on which port comes out next, and when. 🙂



Database 11g…

You’ve gotta love Eddie Awad! I think he deserves “Oracle Blogger of the Year” again for this post alone:

Download Oracle Database 11g Release 1 Now

I’ve added links to the 11g documentation, a documentation search and an error message search to the website navigation bar.

Currently 11% downloaded. The internet is too slow. I demand it gets faster! 🙂



PS. Don’t talk to me for a month!

PPS. Just kidding. 🙂

Update: My first 11g article is now complete:

Oracle Database 11g Release 1 (11.1) Installation On Enterprise Linux 4.5 and 5.0