Oracle Database 19c (19.3) : Installations, RAC, Data Guard etc.

A few weeks ago I put out a post about 19c installations and all that good stuff. That post was using the 19.2 release, which was not the official on-prem release of the product. Now Oracle 19c (19.3) has dropped and is available from here, and here, this post is just to say all those builds have been updated to use this 19.3 release. I also noticed the 19c preinstall package is available from

Not surprisingly, I took the Vagrant and Docker builds I did for 19.2 and just changed the environment variables holding the software zip names, and everything worked just fine. Here are the associated articles, with those minor edits to reflect this version change.

I’ve committed a whole bunch of stuff to GitHub.

  • Vagrant build of 19c on OL7 with APEX and ORDS (here).
  • Vagrant build of 19c on Fedora 29 (here).
  • Vagrant hands-off build of 19c RAC on OL7 (here).
  • Vagrant hands-off build of 19c Data Guard on OL7 (here).
  • Docker 19c on OL7 build (here).
  • Docker 19c RPM on OL7 build (here).
  • Docker compose (here) and swarm (here) stacks.

Automation is awesome! 🙂



Oracle Database 18.3.0 On-Prem for Linux

I was just about to go to bed when I saw this post by Mike Dietrich. Yay!

I’ve had access to 18c on the Oracle Cloud for some time, so I’ve already been able to write a bunch of stuff about it (see here), but it always feels geekier when it’s running on your own kit. It also makes demos a little less dangerous if you can fall back to your own machine. 🙂

Of course I’m starting the downloads now, so maybe I’ll get to have a play tomorrow? 🙂 If you want it you can grab it from here.

Happy upgrading…



Oracle Database 12cR2 (12.2) On-Prem : It’s finally here!

Oracle 12cR2 (12.2) has been around for a while on the cloud, but for many people it doesn’t really exist until they’ve downloaded it and run it on an “on-prem” server or a VM on their PC.

If you are of that mind, you will be pleased to know the on-prem release has arrived! You can download it from eDelivery or OTN.

I’ve been writing about it for a while (here), but it’s nice to have the on-prem release and the knowledge that someone might actually read the stuff I’m writing now (or in about 5 years when people start to use it). 🙂

There will of course be the usual rash of installation articles coming from me for a while, before I get back to more interesting things…

Happy downloading…



Update: My first installs here.