Google’s “Material design”

materialdesign_principles_metaphorAs a “born again UX/UI” enthusiast I was quite interested when some of my Google services started telling me about the new UI they were introducing. As part of the “do you want to see more” links they pushed me across to Google’s Material design pages.

I had a bit of mixed reaction to a lot of it. Some of the stuff was straight from the ministry of the bleedin’ obvious, while other stuff was more subtle. I really liked the section on motion, some of which reminded of messages the folks on Oracle’s UX team had been pushing.

A couple of things had to be explained to me by the young folks in the office as I genuinely couldn’t tell the difference, but when they were explained in the most numpty fashion possible, I was able to fake understanding enough to get them to leave me alone and go back to doing young-person stuff.

I’m interested enough to look at this stuff, but not interested enough to do anything about it at the moment, so don’t expect me to launch into a site redesign just yet… 🙂