ODC Latin America Tour : Mexico


I woke up today feeling super-nervous. It wasn’t the event making me nervous, but the day in general. Doing the Mexico City event, then having to going straight to the airport to fly home.

Because of my free hotel upgrade I got to have breakfast in the executive lounge. I don’t normally eat breakfast, and I try to eat very little on conference days because I don’t want to fall asleep in my own sessions. 🙂

Once I had checked out of the hotel I got an Uber to the venue and met up with everyone and got a few photos. There were the normal introductions to the event and the introduction to the Oracle Developer Community by Pablo, then the sessions began.

My first session was DBA Does Docker, which is what I wished I knew for the first 45-60 minutes of my time using Docker. The room was full and the session went well. I got some questions at the end, so I was happy with it. I took a few photos with people at the end as well, which is always good for my ego. 🙂

Most of the sessions were in Spanish, except for Gerald’s which I had seen multiple times, so I took some pictures and chatted to people rather than watching it again. Sorry son! 🙂

My second session was Make the RDBMS relevant again with RESTful web services and JSON. I had a full room again and a got a few laughs, so I think it went well.

From there I had to say my goodbyes and head off to the airport for my flights home. Just as I ordered my Uber the sky opened and it started to rain like crazy. I stood in the doorway of the University until it subsided and made a dash for the meeting point. I got to the car OK, but the journey home is the subject of another post. 🙂

Thanks to everyone in Mexico for inviting me to the event and letting me geek-out with you all. I’m sorry my stay at the event, and in Mexico was rather brief. I hope to see you all again soon!



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