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Oracle OpenWorld 2012 : Day 4

*+-My RAC Attack session was pretty early, so I headed straight there for the morning. The OCP lounge always has drinks and food, so regular pitstops there are the norm for me at OOW. If you have OCP or above, it’s really worth dropping by on the first day and getting your ribbons, so you […]

Oracle OpenWorld 2012 : Day 3

*+-Day 3 was similar to day 2 for me. I spent a lot of time hanging around the RAC Attack sessions. A lot of people pass through, so in addition to helping people set up virtualized RAC, there are always interesting people to talk to. I did some serious demo grounds cruising again, including: Data […]

Oracle OpenWorld 2012 : Day 2

*+-The cold continues… I decided than rather than trying to sit in sessions and struggle to cope I would do my stint at RAC Attack and spend the day on the demo grounds… The demo grounds are a really awesome way to get information because you are often speaking to the developers and product specialists working […]

Oracle OpenWorld 2012 : Day 1

*+-Day 1 turned out to be a little awkward for me because I was feeling pretty under the weather. I’ve been nursing a very minor cold for a couple of weeks and I think the lack of sleep has made it kick up a gear. I went to a DB tuning session and an ADF […]

Oracle OpenWorld 2012 : Day Minus 1

*+-After another night with little sleep, Saturday was a chance to recover. I had no formal plans for the morning. I registered for OOW, then went out for breakfast with Marcelle, who then had to shoot to MySQL Connect. From there I went back to my room for a little rest, then it was out […]

Oracle OpenWorld 2012 : Day Minus 2

*+-Day 2 of the ACE Director briefing went pretty much to plan. My recent adventures in WebLogic meant I had to pay special attention to a few areas I would normally let wash over me. I also learned a few things about the WebLogic roadmap that made me kick myself for some of the recent […]

Oracle OpenWorld 2012 : Day Minus 3 (continued)

*+-Continuing from my previous post, the Oracle ACE Director Meeting went well. There seems little point in giving you a list of things I can’t tell you about, so I think I will just say I like Eddie Awad‘s summary of the day in tweets here. I think it is safe for me to say […]

OOW11: Wednesday…

*+-Wednesday: This was actually my last proper day at Open World. I fly home Thursday morning, effectively missing the last day of the conference. It’s a shame, but it’s the way things worked out and I’m totally burnt out now. Wednesday was definitely “the day after the night before”. I was a little bit under […]

OOW11: Monday and Tuesday…

*+-Monday: I went to some presentations, hung around in the OTN lounge and ate at every possible opportunity. Tanel Poder‘s presentation on “Large-Scale Consolidation onto Oracle Exadata: Planning, Execution, and Validation” was pretty cool. In the evening I planned to meet a former colleague at the OTN party. I decided they best way to find […]

OOW11: Saturday and Sunday…

*+-Saturday: This was my day off before OOW11 started. I spent the morning following Chris Muir round toy shops, trying to find something cool to take home for his kids. Then we went and registered for the conference. After that it was back to the hotel to chill out a bit before the OakTable Network […]